At TF Bank, our goal is to contribute to financial inclusion by offering responsible lending. In a functioning economy, responsible lending is a necessary and important product category. We want to give our customers the opportunity to access the products and services they are in need of in a sustainable and responsible way. In December 2020, TF Bank’s Board of Directors adopted a sustainability program with four focus areas.

The focus areas are a further development of the Bank’s previous focus areas and include both risk and opportunity perspectives. They are based on the materiality analysis and provide a unifying framework for the bank’s sustainability work. The areas have also been developed in the light of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Within each area, a number of measurable KPIs that show the development over time will also be used. In addition to the four focus areas, the Bank also has a number of social partnerships with the aim of making an effort for the most vulnerable.

Area Purpose and relevance Our promise SDG
Responsible lending Responsible lending activities are business critical and contribute to low loan losses for TF Bank and a well-functioning economy in general. For every individual application, we ensure accurate credit assessment through our established credit granting process that
is continuously being tested, developed and improved.
Business ethics and governance Good business ethics and sound corporate governance are basic prerequisites for TF Bank’s values and trust from customers, employees and the market, and also contribute to public trust in the financial sector. We always act responsibly with a clear focus on regulatory compliance and high risk awareness. 16
Attractive employer By attracting talented employees with different experiences and perspectives, we create the innovative climate required for long-term business success. We offer a physically, mentally and socially healthy and developing workplace for all employees. 5, 8
Climate change Climate change is the most important societal issue of our time, and despite its small direct environmental impact, TF Bank will contribute to the global goals and to reducing our global footprint on the environment. We will reduce our own impact and contribute to reduced climate impact through our services. 7