Senior management

Holdings in the Company as at June 30, 2022.

Mattias Carlsson
Mattias Carlsson
Chief Executive Officer.

At TF Bank since 2008 as CEO until 2015, Chairman of the board between 2015 and 2017 and CEO from 2017. Previous experience from Resurs Bank and SEB.

Born: 1972

Education: MSc Eng in Engineering and Physics, Uppsala University.

Current directorships: Tobisflöte Holding AB (Chairman), Tronstad Consulting AB (Board member), TFB Service AB (Board member).

Holdings in Company: 261,651 shares

Dependent in relation to the company.

Mikael Meomuttel
Mikael Meomuttel
Chief Financial Officer and Deputy Chief Executive Officer since 2014.

At TF Bank since 2009, 2014 Deputy CEO and from 2018 also the Group’s Head of IR.

Born: 1976

Education: MSc in Business/ Economics and Finance at Borås University/Gothenburg University.

Previous experience: Financial controller at Consortio Fashion Group AB (CFG).

Current directorships: Torhamnsskär Holding AB (Chairman).

Holdings in the Company: 28,000 shares

Espen Johannesen
Espen Johannesen
Chief Operating Officer.

At the Group since 2015 as CEO of BB Bank 2015-2020 (now branch Norway). More than 10 year’s of experience in consumer finance.

Born: 1981

Education: Executive MBA Management Control Norwegian School of Economics (NHH), BA Economics, Business BI Norwegian School of Management.

Holdings in Company: 45,198 shares