Operations, market and drivers

Over the past 20 years, TF Bank expanded geographically from its headquarters in Borås and now operates with local offices in several European countries. TF Bank has since start had a strong and profitable growth.

TF Bank operates in three complementary segments, all of which utilize the Group’s IT platform and credit models and have strong cross-selling opportunities. Consumer Lending, Credit cards and Ecommerce Solutions. In the segment Consumer Lending TF Bank provides consumer loans to creditworthy individuals. In the segment Credit Cards, TF Bank offers credit cards to creditworthy individuals. In the segment Ecommerce Solutions TF Bank provides financing solutions for retailers (e-commerce and retail) for handling bill payments and installment payments

Strengths and competitive advantages

  • Fast-growing North European digital bank.
  • Proven ability to expand into new geographic markets – from the Swedish base to a broad North European presence.
  • Focused operations targeting distinct market niches.
  • Operates through three complementary segments with cross-selling opportunities which are made possible by a scalable and flexible IT-platform.
  • Risk-aware organization with a stable capital position.
  • Attractive financial profile with historical demonstrated ability to generate high returns.

About TF Bank

TF Bank was founded in Sweden in 1987 with the purpose of offering finance solutions to customers who ordered goods from mail order catalogs. Over time, the Group has grown both in terms of product offerings, revenues and geographic presence. Today, TF Bank offer consumer banking services through a high degree of automation in its proprietary IT platform designed for scalability and adaptation to various products, countries, currencies and digital banking solutions.