Attractive employer

By attracting talented employees with different experiences and perspectives, we create the innovative climate required for long-term business success.

Diversity and equality

At TF Bank, all shall be treated with respect and dignity in accordance with our business principles. TF Bank strives for long-term business success and believes that employees with diverse experiences and perspectives are a crucial factor in creating the innovative climate required to achieve this. As a smaller company, we understand that our success depends on the diversity and competence of our employees, who are our most important asset. The area of diversity and equality is addressed in our code of conduct.

We work to ensure that all employees have the same rights, obligations and opportunities in all important areas of life. Important aspects of our gender equality work are to facilitate the opportunities to reconcile work and parenthood, to prevent and deter discrimination, to work for a more even gender distribution within our operations and to give all employees equal pay and conditions for equal work.

Safe work environment

All employees within TF Bank shall have an inspiring and safe work environment, both physically and psychosocially. The physical work environment must be designed to promote health and safety, and all employees must have a good ergonomically designed workplace. Great emphasis is placed on preventive work environment measures, which takes place in close collaboration between management, employees, the safety organisation and occupational health care. TF Bank continuously evaluates the company’s efforts in the work environment area in order to be able to make continuous improvements in the daily work environment.

Competence development

A basic principle for TF Bank is to provide all employees with the opportunity for development and training. We continuously train all employees in issues that affect their own work tasks, as well as in broader and business-critical issues such as money laundering. Based on development talks between each employee and the immediate manager, individual goals are set with the opportunity for individual development based on needs and ambitions. The ambition is for all employees to understand their role and the importance of their own work, to be able to influence their work situation, to feel responsible for their tasks and to develop their skills.

The Bank also wants to be a springboard to working life and in several markets there are opportunities for part-time work while studying.


KPIs – attractive employer 2023 2022
Number of employees 380 318
– Of which women 210 176
– Share of women (%) 55 55
Share of female members of Board of Directors and executive management (%) 21 22
– In Board of Directors (%) 17 33
– In operational management (%) 25 21
Number of nationalities in Board of Directors 1 2
Average age of employees 33 34
Sick absence (%) 6 5
Staff turnover rate (%) 24 22
Number of part-time employed students 24 27