Consortio Fashion Group decide to focus on Cellbes and Bubbleroom

Within TF Bank’s Sales Finance segment there are a number of brands / merchants. The largest individual o-operation partner today is Consortio Fashion Group (“CFG”) with brands such as Cellbes, Bubbleroom and Halens. Sales Finance represents approximately 18% of the TF Bank Group’s total loan portfolio.

The Board of Directors of CFG has decided to phase out the Halens brand in order to implement a more long-term focus on the other brands and strategically strengthen CFG’s overall competitiveness. The proposed measure aims to expand investments in the two stronger and more niche brands, Cellbes and Bubbleroom, in order to create better conditions for strong growth and profitability. The change will take place gradually during 2017 and sales in Halens are scheduled to continue as normal during much of next year, while focus will be on simultaneously strengthening Cellbes and Bubbleroom.

TF Bank welcomes the focus on the two stronger and more niche brands of Cellbes and Bubbleroom. TF Bank assesses the impact on the TF Bank Group as very limited, partly because Sales Finance represents the smaller of the two segments and partly because the remaining brands of Cellbes and Bubbleroom already account for the larger share of the CFG co-operation. Furthermore, the increased investment in Cellbes and Bubbleroom is expected to strengthen CFG’s competitive position in 2017 and beyond, something that TF Bank welcomes.

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